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Founded in 2002, Clearkey Consulting is dedicated to bringing lasting value to our clients through real world technical know-how and expertise. Our clients include both public and private financial institutions, processors and networks, system and service providers, and merchants and retailers. While our list of clients and assignments is vast and diverse, the bottom-line needs and goals are the same: clients want cost-effective solutions that have real business impact. Our clients view us as a trusted partner, working in collaboration to achieve their ultimate goals.

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Payment Technologies

State-of-the-art payment technologies and technical initiatives that allow clients to compete effectively.

Advanced Cryptographic Solutions

Public and symmetric key based cryptographic and key management solutions for EFT Payments applications.

Data Security

Audits, assessments, policies and procedures to achieve a highly secure EFT payments network that is compliant with PCI DSS, PCI PIN and other data security standards.

Compliance, Risk, and Operations

Operations evaluations, risk assessments, and vendor, industry, and regulatory compliance as required by the EFT payments industry.

Litigation Support

Providing experts for high-stakes EFT payments related litigation.

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